Ladies Regional Tour
Ladies Regional Tour
 Nickel City Queen of the Hill 2017
Presented by Bison Billiards & Gambler Pro Tour/GPT Ladies Regional Tour
 Nickel City Queen of the Hill 2017
Previous Champions
2016 Champion
Melissa Svitak is the 2016 Nickle City Queen of the Hill Champion. From Syracuse NY, Melissa is a strong competitor in both the Ladies & Men's divisions.
1st, Melissa Svitak $300.00, 2nd, Kristen Swanger $150.00, 3rd Tammy Brooks $100.00, 4th Kris Murzewski $50.00
L to R Kris Murszewski, back row Kristen Swanger, Melissa Svitak, front Tammy Brooks.
The Players 15 Ladies: Tammy Brooks, Jamie Coppola, Jenn Brenda, Andrea Zielinski, Kristen Swanger, Kris Murzewski, Sandy Ferreracio, Linda Sheraton, Cheryl Reed, Julie Miszuk, Lynnette Cooper, Karen Derry, Juli Militello, MelissaSvitak, Donna Daniels. Tour Director Jeff Van Buren
2015 Champion
Cheryl Reed is  the 2015 Nickle City Queen of the Hill Champion. Cheryl is also an APA Vegas Jack & Jill Champion with Her Husband John Reed. She has also won & cashed in many WNY events.
L to R 2nd place Stephanie Brenda Petrie, 1st place Cheryl Reed, 3rd place Sandy Ferreracio.
The Players, Kris Murszewski, Sandy Ferreracio, Julie Miszuk, Lynn Hess, Cheryl Reed, Stephanle Brenda Petrie, Jenn Brenda, Andrea Zielinski
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2017 Champion
Amanda Eisensmith of Buffalo NY left pictured with 2nd Place Sandy Clayton of Canada on the right. Amanda has won several events in the last few years in both the Ladies and Open Events.
Story & Player Info
The Players
 2018 Tournament
​PLAYERS LIST:# beside name is Fargorate
1. Janice Galloway
2. Andrea Zielinski
3. Stephanie Brenda-Petrie
4. Lynnette Cooper/425
5. Amanda Eisensmith/516
6. Cheryl Reed/380
7. Kate Sarah
8. Angie Killips/502
11. Julie Mets
10. Jessi Marie Schafer/421
9. Kristyn Swanger/449
21. Jenn Brenda
22. Kristine Murszewski/487
12. Julie Miszuk/420
13. Natalie Kliemann/249
14. Jamie Coppola
15. Karla Chorny
17. Jessica Van Iderstine
16. Alicia Busalachi
20. Ann Hinger
18. Rebecca Fleming
19. Aileen Fawcett
Nickle City Queen of the Hill
23. Lisa Dekeon
With the battle going into the early morning hours at Bison Billiards,  Amanda Eisensmith worked Her way thru a field of 23 Players to win back to back Nickle City Queen of the Hill events. The Ladies battled fiercely from 1:00PM Saturday to 5:00am Sunday morning. New to the Gambler Pro Tour and  WNY Karla Chorny who moved here from Iowa last year proved a worthy apponent to the field gaining the hot seat. The field was the strongest we have had in this event which has become a much sought after win by the WNY and Canadian Girls. Angie Killips proved to the many spectators that She is definitely a 502 Fargorate taking home 4th place. Kristyn Swanger was the late favorite to win but the long battle seemed to take its toll on all the Girls as fatigue began to set in. Stephanie Brenda Petrie and Ann Hinger who was also an early favorite finished out the final six. Kris Murszewski and Lynnette Cooper  finished one out of the money with a strong showing for both players.