Classic Cue Billiards            6061 Transit Rd.                 Depew NY. 14043                 716-684-4644
Start Time 1:00PM                           $25.00 Entry Fee includes $5.00 table time/ Double Elimination $250.00 added by Gambler Pro Tour
2016 March 19th,  / 2nd Annual Pool Hustlers Invitational
Event was Limited to 32 Players we had 31
Races to  4 / 3              Alternate Breaks Rack Your own
L to R/ 2nd Rich Kish /1st Cory Welfare
3rd Jay Reed
4th Bill Wruck
Jamie Bunnell plays in her first big tournament
30 Players made Classic Cue Billiards in Buffalo N.Y. the place to be on Saturday March 28th for the Gambler Pro Tours Pool Hustlers Invitational. Fun filled exciting day for everyone, lots of new faces lots of surprises just an all around great event. I wouldn't trade it for a 10 day trip to Hawaii said Classic Cue Billiards owner Carl Galante.  $250.00  added to the main event $50.00 added to the best ladies and $50.00 added to the second chance event is huge  when it comes from the Tour itself, ad the large cup trophy the TV Commercials the Tour paid for plus all week long everyone who came to the pool hall got free stadium cups to take home. On top of all this the Tour takes no money from the entry fees and no tour card fee. I can't stop talking about how fantastic this event was, wow so many new faces. The event drew players from Buffalo, Rochester and beyond, new comer to the Tour Joe Herring of Medina N.Y. defeated Buffalo's Derrick Diperto for the hot seat. Diperto faced off against  Alan McGuane of Buffalo on the left side with McGuane claiming that match to head back to the winners side to play Herring. The first set was double hill with McGuane looking at a tough cut shot on the eight, he looked at several angles before making a decision, he drew back with a perfect stroke and fired away. The eight ball dropped in the corner pocket like it was on a roller coaster, the Cue ball took the opposite path on a slow but steady coarse, many in the crowd of about 50 people gathered to watch had now jumped to there feet  this is going to a second set in the finals someone yelled as they didn't want this day to end. The Cue Ball seemed to enter another dimension  possibly the Twilight Zone as it rolled slowly to the opposite pocket and dropped out of sight. Yes the victory this day went to Joe Herring a new player on the tour who heard about the event that was advertised heavily on local TV and decided to give it a shot. Joe Herring played nearly flawlessly all day, the players began watching him early on as they wondered where he plays. Simply put, he plays at home and now his pocket is a little heavier and he has to build a Trophy Shelve. The first 8 players to be out of the main event also entered the Twilight Zone as they played in one of the Gambler Pro Tour's famous Shark Tournaments for the first time. New to everyone there but not new to the Tours Bar Events. The one game per match Shark your opponent tournament is fast fun and pays half the field. Special Thanks to Andrea Zielinski GPT Tournament Director, Room Owner Carl Galante and the staff at Classic Cue Billiards.
2015 March 28th: Pool Hustlers Invitational at Classic Cue Billiards Buffalo N.Y.
1. Joe Herring $300.00. 2 .Al McGuane  $190.00.  3.Derrick Diperto  $120.00. 4. Fuji $80.00. 5/6 Jessie Szymzack, Rich Kish $50.00. 7/8 Joe Keene, Amanda Eisensmith, .$30.00
1. Ken Slaght $60.00 2. Fran Imburgia $30.00 3. Bob Fisher $20.00 4.Brian Hughes $20.00
1.Amanda Eisensmith $30.00 / 2. Lynn Hess $20.00
Players List: Jessie Szymzack, Phill Dorman, Fuji, Jason Jax, Joe Herring, Chauncey, Brian Fose, Brian Hughes, Ken Blackum, Al McGuane, Al Jopp, Rich Kish, Kevin Jopp, Rick Jopp, John Blunt, Scott Piowarski, Jay Reed, Paul Danson, Fran Imburgia, Ken Slaght, Brooks James, Bob Fisher, Sam Pezzino, Chris Dixon, Derrick Diperto, Ron Brennan, Lynn Hess, Roy Shukraft, Amanda Eisensmith, Joe Keene.
The  Field of Players
RESULTS FOR 2017 20 Players
Joe Keehn, Kevin Merlino, Jamie Garrett, Richie Santiago, Mike Pippard, Andy Gibson, Gerald Gibson, Rick Cicotte, Keith Mercilizino, Mark Hatch, Jeff Purcell, Amanda Eisensmith, John Sivicz, Jerry Howard, Mark Oyer, Pineapple, Joe Wysocki, Carl Galante, Fugi, Fritz Crogan.
Players list for 2017 / 20 Players