Brockport Billiards        10/22/11   (9 Ball)
Jay Brotherton $105.00
Dave Simmons $45.00
Ed White         $20.00
Angel Lopez
Dave Baker Sr.
Joe White
Brockport Billiards 10/22/11   (8 Ball) No Points $10.00 Entry Fee
Kevin Doud       $15.00
Dan Spanton
Jeff Van Buren
Angel Lopez
Dave Baker Sr.
Linda Suhr        $25.00
                                                                                                                                               After working his way through the winners side Jay Brotherton faced off against Dave Simmons in the finals with both players on the hill in the 1st set of the finals, the match went to Dave Simmons who was sponsored by Springville Lanes. In the second round of the finals the match was all Jay Brotherton winning 7-2 taking home 1st place and a beautiful 2 foot tall trophy from Joe's Pro Shop in Batavia N.Y..The short field was not unexpected due to the market in the Rochester Area. Several rooms have closed in the area over  the last few years. Rochester has one pool room left with a population of over 200000 people. Brockport Billiards is just outside of Rochester, the players liked the room and the equiptment. The New Dance floor complete with laser lites  was also a big hit, 53 year old Tour Director Jeff The Buddha Van Buren showed everyone he still has the moves by taking a spin on the floor.
Brockport Billiards
Harvester Hotel Results  11/02/11                             1. Jeff Van Buren      $40.00   2. Shane Bell           $20.00
Harvester Hotel Results  11/17/11                                 1. Chuck Miller      $35.00       2. Jillian Lafond     $15.00
 The Gambler Pro Tour stop at Light Years in Nunda N.Y. was set for a fast pace nite. The 16 player $50.00 added double elimination race to one event sponsored by area businesses started at 7:00 PM and was over with at 10:35PM. GW Vending, which is directly across the street from Light Years brought in a second table for the event. Several matches were down to the wire with the 8 Ball being the only ball on the table. The safety play was intense and the sharking which is allowed only when the player isn't shooting, was hilarious. That's part of what makes the Gambler Pro Tour Bar Box Series so exciting. This is a nite out for those who like to play pool and have  a good time. Jeff reminded everyone to shop local and patronize the area sponsor's.
Gambler Pro Tour W.N.Y. Bar Box Series
Cal Bowl  Caledonia N.Y.     11/01/11                          Bill Bilowicz             
Q's Restaurant 11/02/11 Mickey Cappotelli     
Classic Cue Billiards    Buffalo N.Y.     11/18/11      1. Rich Kish 
Ten Cent Millionaire     12/01/11                             Mickey Cappotelli                 Mike H.                               Jillian Lafond                         The Buddha       
Cal Bowl  11/29/11                   1. Mickey Cappotelli         
Q's Restaurant 11/30/11 Mickey Cappotelli     
   Light Years 12/08/11   16 players         1.Mickey Cappotelli                    $80.00  2. Jeff (the buddha) Van Buren     $50.00  3. Pounder                                 $30.00 4. Shane Wolfanger                    $20.00  5th/6th Eric Bromstead / Bill Bielewicz
1. Mark Hatch   $365.00
2.Craig Fischer $ 260.00
3.Jay Szeluga  $170.00
4.Frank Rodriguez  $ 95.00
5.Jeff Flewelling  $30.00
5. Dan Miosi  $30.00
Results & Payout's
Reunion Tournament at Classic Cue Billiards Depew N.Y.
Livingston County Pool Championship
1.Clint Taft/$100.00 / 2.Mike Kapelke/$50.00/ Bill BZ./$25.00 / 4.Jeff Van Buren / 5-6/ Shane Wolfanger, Amanda Lewis $15.00best female/7. Matt Losey
Lightyears Bar Nunda N.Y.

Pool Hustlers Invitational

Valentines Shootout

Santa's 8 Ball Sleigh

Reunion Results