Bison Billiards Buffalo 9 Ball Shootout
February 14, 2015 Triple Elim. 9 Ball
1. Dave Grau  $400.00 / 2. Dave Dreidel $200.00/ 3. Danny Kolacz $100.00/ 4. Tom Dimatteo $75.00/ 5.Mark Hatch $65.00/ 6. Santo Merlo $50.00/ Jake Miosi $35.00
Sean Vago, Jessie Szymczak, Adam Smith, Santo Merlo, Mark Hatch, Nick Coppola, Tracy Roth, David Dreidel, Al McGuane, John Grant, John Blunt, Karl Kaszprzak, Robbie Stanton, Jeff Van Buren, Lamont Hicks, Tom Dimatteo, Dave Grau, Dan Miosi, Jake Miosi, Bryon Lucano, Amanda Eisensmith, Fugee, Jenn Brenda, Kevin Coogan, Dan Kolacz, Iggy Orta, Frank Rodriguez. THE LIST OF PLAYERS THOUGH NOT IN ANY ORDER
Bison Billiards 8216 Main Street Williamsville /N.Y.14221.                                                                                                                                                          Dave Grau took home the Candy on Valentines Day winning the Gambler Pro Tour/ Bison Billiards Buffalo 9 Ball Shootout. However, he had to make a come back after Dave Dreidel of Utica sent the Rochester Player to the one loss side in the hot seat round in the true Triple Elimination Format. The first round of the finals was a race to 5, the second round was a race to 4, with Dave Grau winning the first 2 sets he was now in the Drivers seat over Dave Dreidel making the third round also a race to 4  instead of 3 because Grau  had only one loss. The finals and several matches are being edited and will soon be on youtube. The day was frigid with the windows being frosted over for the first time in the six years that Mike Shriver has owned the Pool Room. 27 Players ventured the Winter Storm and below zero temperatures to Play. Great Tournament on everyone's part were the words of the day. Bison Billiards owner Mike Shriver and Tour Director Jeff Van Buren appreciated the Players support on such a blustery day. Amanda Eisensmith [Buffalo] bested Jenn Brenda also of Buffalo and Tracy Roth of Utica the other two Ladies in the event to take home the Best  Female Medallion and $50.00 cash, that was a bonus on top of the $250.00 already added by the Tour bringing the total to $300.00 added. When Mike Shriver presented the Trophy  Dave Grau's only words were wow! awesome, the Large Cup Trophy is also supplied by the Tour. The Tournament itself was all Bison Billiards Owner Mike Shrivers, with the Gambler Pro Tour the Room Owner picks the Game, sets the payouts, runs the board and has complete control of the Players.                                                                                                                                                                                       Jeff Van Buren states, that's correct what you just read, with the Gambler Pro Tour the Tour adds the money, there is no longer a Tour card fee and no money goes to the Tour from the entry fees. Van Buren explained it to the players that the added money  and the production of several TV commercials came from the sale of promotional products in stores or at area Businesses same as Major Sports Teams. This has been all experimental and a long time coming. Not big money by any means but we are coming along slowly.  The goal is to have the added money self supporting through the Gambler Pro Tour. The Bison Event was limited to 32 players. The Events Success with 27 Players and Id like to add that Mike had 5 Players that called in to cancel because of the storm is attributed directly to the late nite TV Commercials, some of which were only $1.00 each for a thirty second commercial.  Nobody will see it its too late that's why its so cheap thats what everyone said to me. Well I know Pool Players, they stay up late and are news junkies also. Even with the added money many Rooms are skeptical to hold an event because they know how hard it is to draw the Players after so many years of declining interest. Playing Pool in the Buffalo area is definitely gaining in popularity, the cold Winter has also been a plus, people sometimes just need to get out. The last Winter Season Tournament will be at Classic Cue Billiards in Buffalo on March 28th,  8 Ball Bar Box Tables with $250.00 added by the Gambler Pro Tour. visit
Start Time was around 2:15PM Finished at 5:00am. Remember this was Triple Elimination the Finals took 2:20 minutes, hill / hill all the way
2016 Bison Billiards Feb. 13th Shootout
Special Thanks to Mike and Lynn Shriver for hosting another great GPT event. Cold day with a full field of 32 and 6 on the waiting list. Perfect day especially if your name is Nick Brucato who won $1550.00 for first place, 2nd Danny Kolacz $775.00, 3rd Cory Welfare $400.00 nice job Cory, 4th Jimmy Doran $225.00, 5th Dave Grau $155.00 also last years winner, 6th Robbie Stanton $110.00, 7th Pedro Rivera $50.00, Nick Coppola $35.00.
L to R Nick Brucato Winner Danny Kolacz 2nd
L to R 3rd Cory Welfare and Jimmy Doran 4th
2018 Bison Billiards 9 Ball Shootout
2017 Bison Billiards 3rd annual Valentines Day Shootout Feb. 11, 2017
There were over a dozen favorites that didn't make the money.  The Triple Elimination event with race's to 4-3-2 started around 1:30 PM and ended just after midnite. I will have a complete list of players this week.
We all have people that tell us oh I play Pool really good I never get beat . Tell them to come and play this event and see how they do. Each Year the Valentines Day Shootout at Bison Billiards has brought out the Top Players from all over the Region. This Year was no different absolutely the toughest event I have seen since the 90's with the Empire State 9 Ball Tour.
Players list: Chris Stawarski, Nick Coppola, Mac Norris, Kirk Rutherford, Jay Reed, Santo Merlo, Adam Smith, Adam Solvenson, Jim Doran, Dan Kolacz, Dominick Fieramusca, Bob Brott, Jason Dwyer, Paul Gast, Rod Neely, Nick Brucato, John Smith, Dave Grau, Jeff Van Buren, Tom Dimatteo, eddy Rosas jr., Tom Handley, Cory Welfare, Karl Kasprzak, Brad Wesley, Mark Hatch, Randy Fawcett, Julie Miszuk, Ray Rosas, Jeff Purcell, Daniel Devoe, Ron Kingsley
2018 Bison Billiards 4th annual Valentines Day Shootout Feb. 10, 2017
The weather kept a few players from coming but we still had a Full Field of 32 Players with alternates jumping in. This was a 500.00 added Triple Elimination 9 Ball Event with Races to 5/3/2 Alternate Breaks. John Reed top photo on the left played near perfect all day. Last Years Champion Danny Kolacz top photo on the right put up a tough fight to try and hold the Title for one of WNY's most prestigious  events but fell just shy taking home 2nd place.
Players List: Ron Brennan, Doug Gillman, Dominic Fieramusca, Nick Coppola, Dave Bauer, Ted Maleski, Andrew Reynolds, Randy Fawcett, Kirk Rutherford, Fran Imburgia, Joe Iurato, Santo Merlo, Cory Welfare, Marko Clarke, Derek Bauer, Danny Kolacz, Robbie Stanton, Jay Reed, John Smith, Tom Dimatteo, Dave Kennedy, Dan Miosi, Jason Dwyer, Mark Hatch, Jake Miosi, Amanda Eisensmith, Dave Stutz, Karl Kasprzak, Chris Stawarski, Nick Brucato, Jim Covert, Mike (Pineapple) Grabowski.
5. Tom Dimatteo $80.00
6. Randy Fawcett $60.00
7. Santo Merlo $50.00
8. Nick Coppola $40.00
2. Danny Kolacz $660.00
4. Karl Kasprzak $200.00
3. Ted Maleski $375.00
1. John Reed $1400.00
New Players: Dave Kennedy, Jim Covert, Doug Gillman. Welcome to the Gambler Pro Tour hope you had fun.
 32 Players in the Tournament: 22 are Fargorate
Average Fargorate of the 22 is 559
2019 Bison Billiards 9 Ball Shootout